Sunday, July 11, 2010

Microsoft Tulay Experience

My experience in tulay was very Exiting, Fun, and I learn alot..Our Trainer was strict when it comes to Teaching,but it's okay with me cause I'm learning.My first day of class was great,at first i'm still shy,but when Ate Freluz came,naku nahawa naku.haha.but she help me when i'm in trouble,specially on the computer.She's a nice Ate to me.and my intructor is the best.I enjoy the class with Ate Freluz,Ate Victoria,Wally,Joey,Hayra,Kua Rommell they are all nice..Were always mingling and always happy. I also have fun going out,we went to Pagoda and we take a picture,We ate pancit,and drink coke. I remember what our Instructor told us that Coke zero is not good for your health, because of the ingredient.Sorry but i forgot the ingredient. I really learn alot, I will miss my tulay moments.because Im learning and at the same time i also have fun.God bless to Ms Tulay and I hope that it will continue,and help more Filipinos learn. More Power..